About Us

What do you want your life to look like? This a question my wife and I pondered early on in our relationship. We both discovered we had the same vision...we wanted to stray away from your typical 9-5, get some distance between our family and the city, and teach our children the value of hard work and nature's gifts. 

This vision led us to sell both of our homes in the city, combine our families, and buy a home in the country. Between the two of us, we had six children to move and create a stable future for. Our hands were full, but so were our hearts.

We set out on an adventure. How could we create something that had a real and lasting effect on, and for, our children? How could we create a peaceful and fulfilling life that allowed us flexibility? Our answer was farming.

No, we don't have a lot of land, we actually farm on less than half and acre...but families "back in the day" made it work with much less than what we have, so we decided to give it a try. Our first goal was to combine something we loved with something we need, and we decided that chickens were a good starting point. 

I had chickens growing up, and Jessica had some "secret" chickens when she lived in the city. We loved the idea of having our own endless supply of fresh eggs to use for our own family and sell to people in our local area. We also wanted to help conserve endangered breeds of chickens, so we developed a plan to sell chicks, chickens, and fertile eggs. Later on, this idea expanded into "pet" breeds. We ended up with a great collection of fancy chickens. Cream Brabanters, Sultans, Silkies, Gold and Blue Laced Wydonettes, Speckled Sussex, and all varieties of Polish.

We decided to make some of our "hobbies" into work by adding handcrafted items, like our all natural laundry soap, artwork, and handmade items to our "inventory". Then we thought "why stop there" and created a little shop on our property to sell our vintage finds along with these things.

Now, we sell products from our small farm online, at fairs, and to our local community. Here soon, we will also be doing "Open farm" days on our property. People will be able to come visit us and check out all of our animals, feed some chickens (maybe some ducks too by then), and see what we have for sale.

So far, we've accomplished a lot. We are able to work just part-time, attend all of our kids events, make our own schedule, expand our vision however we want, and renovate our home in the process. We are excited to see what's next for our farm, and our family...We hope you are too!

See you at the farm!